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Four Things You Should Know About Using Fiber Optic Internet For Your Business

Fiber optics are becoming common across the nation as these cables are installed in various cities. As a business owner, you may wonder how this new internet technology can help you and the success of your enterprise. The following are a few things you need to know about fiber optic internet.

Fiber optics has a big advantage over DSL

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a transmission method of digital signals across the phone lines. It should not be confused with the old dial-up technology because it is much faster. You may be using this type of technology right now for your business. But there is one drawback to DSL; it still uses the phone lines. These lines use copper wire, and the internet signal will drop due to the resistance of the wire. This can lead to signal loss or signal degradation. Fiber optic cable does not utilize copper, so you will not have any of the problems associated with copper wire.

Fiber optics has a big advantage over cable internet

Perhaps your business uses cable instead of DSL. It is certainly faster without the problems associated with copper. However, you can experience slow download and upload speeds, depending upon the number of users. Due to the topology of cable internet, there are several users sharing the same node. If many people are on the internet at the same time, then you are likely to experience slower speeds. This can be a major disadvantage if you're doing critical work during business hours.

Fiber optics is simply faster than both DSL and cable internet

Although it is true that the signal integrity is better than DSL, and there is no slowing of transmission speeds like cable internet can experience, fiber optics has a third advantage of just being faster. At top transmission speeds, DSL and cable do not come close to how fast fiber optic internet is. This speed can be a critical advantage to many businesses when competing with companies that are still using DSL or cable internet.

Don't be fooled by advertising

The phrase high-speed internet is used frequently when marketing to businesses. Much of this advertising is for DSL, but some of it by cable companies too. Yes, fiber optics is truly high-speed internet, but since the phrase is used by the other two types of internet connections, you need to make sure the service is truly fiber optics. Fiber optics are not the phone lines nor are they the cable company.

Fiber optics is not available in every place of the country. If it is available for your business, you should contact your local fiber optic internet provider. You will experience faster internet speeds than competitors without access to fiber optics or that simply don't see a need to switch.

For more information on fiber optic internet, contact an internet service provider.