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Three Critical Tips For Colocation Service

When it comes to your business' internet use, databases and information technology, you can save plenty of money and strengthen your setup through colocation. This consolidation of resources can give your business the firepower that it needs, as long as you follow some practical and useful tips. Read on to learn the best tips for using colocation services, and reach out to a provider who can further help you. 

#1: Consider All Of Your Needs When Renting Space

In its essence, colocation is a rental agreement between you and the data service center that allows you to use a portion of their space and resources. Since you'll have room for growth later through the company, you should be sure that you don't rent more space than you need. You'll need to be sure that you take advantage of this by assessing your data needs, while also paying a visit to the colocation center. This can mean that you end up renting something as small as a cabinet space, or as large as an entire room in a colocation facility. Keep in mind that you'll need to consider factors like cooling space and peak loads. 

ā€‹#2: Focus On Uptime More Than Any Other Factor

Since your business relies heavily on the use of the internet for all your systems, sites and apps, you can't afford to deal with downtime. The longer your services are down, the more money you lose. For that reason, get specific information from the colocation center about their uptime guarantees. For instance, you should not do business with any center that guarantees any less than 99.999 percent uptime. You'll need to get a guarantee in writing, along with written refunds or other rectifications, should the company fail to deliver that guarantee. 

ā€‹#3: Verify The Company's Security Standards And Credentials

You can't afford to deal with security breaches, so you should make certain that your colocation facility is up to par. This means keeping up with current and future software, hardware and protocols, while remaining in compliance with the standards of your particular industry. Digital security threats can drastically hurt your business in ways that can make recovery difficult, which is why it's best to do business with a company that proactively deals with such threats. 

Follow these three tips as you move toward incorporating colocation in your business. For more information, contact Cologix or a similar company.